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Dedham Neighbourhood Parish Plan

The Dedham Neighbourhood Parish Plan

For people living and working in Dedham to have a greater say in the future of our community, Dedham Parish Council in September 2009 started the process to create a neighbourhood statement - The Dedham Parish Plan.

A steering group of local people was established to manage the process which followed the community-led planning guidelines set out by Government and promoted by the Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE).

The first stage of the consultation process was a public workshop, held in April 2010, to commence the identification of local needs.

This was followed, in November 2010, by a comprehensive questionnaire involving the entire community. The key areas were then identified and action plans proposed as to how these needs can be met.

The Dedham Parish Plan comprises twelve individual sections describing the extent of public opinion, together with a comprehensive list of the Action Points that were derived from all the information provided:

The Dedham Parish Plan has now been adopted by The Dedham Parish Council who will work towards ensuring the action points are addressed. Whilst some of those objectives might be within the powers of the Parish Council to implement others will require the involvement of other parties to see if they can be achieved. All Actions will be addressed over the coming months and updates on progress, even where some may prove unachievable, will be made via the Parish Magazine and the Parish Notice Boards and Website.

A PDF copy of the published plan is available for download here.

To see the latest Progress Summary please click here.