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   War Memorial Cleaning    November 29, 2016

Cleaning of the war memorial will take place from Monday 5th December, there may be restrictions on parking in Royal Square for up two weeks.

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   Parish Council Handyman    November 15, 2016
Parish Council Handyman Contractor
Dedham Parish Council is inviting tenders from interested parties to
undertake a variety of ‘handyman’ works in and around the village of
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   Local Plan consultation- DPC final response    September 23, 2016

Following the meeting on 5th September, Dedham Parish Council revised their proposed response to the Colchester Borough Council Local Plan Consultation, after considering the feedback received from residents.



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   Long Road East - Public notice.    July 20, 2016

The Essex County Council (Long Road East, Dedham) (Temporary Prohibition of Traffic) Order 2016


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   Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation, Drop in Session - 4th August. Posted    July 7, 2016

A Drop in Session as part of the Preferred Options Consultation for the Local Plan will be held on Thursday 4th August in the Assembly Rooms from 4pm to 8pm.  

For more information click on the link below.

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   Affordable Homes    June 30, 2016

Affordable Homes

A full explanantion is given below of the criteria of the occupation of the homes on the Hallfields site (now known as Saunders Field)


Update: The one bedroom bungalows are no longer restricted based on age or disability. They are now considered to be 'General Use Bungalows'

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   Parking in Dedham    June 28, 2016

Parking in Dedham

Arising from safety concerns DPC has received proposals from the North Essex Parking Partnership of possible changes to parking regulations in Dedham. These will be discussed at our 4th July meeting. An officer from Colchester Borough Council will be in attendance

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   Footpath cutting programme    June 25, 2016

The footpath cutting programme has been updated, check the Walks page using the link below.

Dedham Walks.


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   Revised bus timetables for Dedham    March 29, 2016
Revised bus timetables for Dedham.
These come into effect on 11th April. 
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   Dedham Sites for CBC Local Plan criteria    September 22, 2015

DPC have submitted their comments on the criteria for the Sites for the CBC Local Plan, to CBC. Details can be found here.

DPC's reports on the sites are also available on the link above.



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   RoSPA - Playground Safety    May 11, 2015

RoSPA Play Safety provides training on playground management and the safety of indoor and outdoor play areas.  We provide playground inspections for public and commercial play areas and a wide range of additional play-related services and our advice and information covers all aspects of playground safety.

RoSPA Play Safety

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   East Anglia Air Ambulance Volunteers    April 30, 2015

East Anglia Air Ambulance is holding a receruitment evening for volunteers on 30 April 2015 in Hadleigh

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   National Plant Monitoring Scheme.    March 8, 2015

National Plant Monitoring Scheme requires volunteers

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   Boundary Commission Response to proposals    January 19, 2015

Dedham Parish Council have responded to the Colchester Borough Council district Boundary proposals by the Boundary Commission and are shown below. The West Bergholtn response mentioned in the report is available from West Bergholt PC

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   Diversion order for footpaths 29, 30 and 32.    January 15, 2015

Essex County Council has just published the following Public Path Diversion order for Footpaths 29, 30 and 32 at Dedham.


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   Royal Square Parking Strategy    December 11, 2014

The Dedham Parish Council have published their parking strategy for the Royal Square following a recent meeting of the car park working group.

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   Save Energy Costs    December 6, 2014

Register with Essex Energy Switch. It is completely free and will save you energy costs. Please see the below correspondence and register your interest.

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   Proposed diversion of footpaths 18 & 29    November 26, 2014

ECC has proposed not to divert footpath 18 and proposed anothert route for footpath 29 (29B)

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   Royal Square Parking review    November 25, 2014

The Dedham Parish Council carried out a review of the parking arrangements for Royal Square. A copy of that review is shown below.

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   Planning Application Bargate Lane Dedham    November 7, 2014

A planning application has been made to Colchester Borough Council on land to the rear of Spring Cottage, known as Spring Meadow. The application is for two mobile homes, three touring caravans and a dayroom. Please see letter to Dedham residents below and the letter to CBC.

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   Dedham Parish Council Annual Audit    October 10, 2014

The Annual Return for the Financial Year ended 31 March 2014

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   Hallfields Development Public Consultation 09.09.2014    September 9, 2014

There will be a public consultation meeting between 3.00pm and 7.00pm in the Duchy Barn on Tuesday the 9th of September to which all residents are invited to attend.

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   Dedham Broadband    July 24, 2014

This news article concerns the coverage of broadband by Kevin Taylor Dedham Parish Council and is the proposed superfast broadband in Dedham.

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   Community Speed Watch and Neighbourhood Watch    April 29, 2014

Dedham Parish Council Needs You!

Dedham PC are determined to make the village a safer place to work and live. However, they can't do that without your help. We are in need of volunteers to be Neighbourhood Watch representatives. This really doesn't involved too much. Just keeping an eye out for anything suspicious in your immediate area. Most people are propbably doing this anyway, but we'd like to formalise it, and make Dedham a successful neighbourhood watch area- which will act as a deterrant to potential criminals, and may even lower your home insurance!


We are also in need of Speed Watch vounteers. This involves giving up a morning or afternoon from time to time (and only in good weather) to operate the speed gun, at speed checks accross the village. All training will be given by the police.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for either of these, or can think of another way to help the parish council, please contact the clerk at clerk@dedham parishcouncil.org.uk or on 01255 871483

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   Calling all local groups    March 24, 2014

If you are part of a local group or organisation and would like your details shown on our Community Groups page, or have an event, regular or one off, that you would like on the website calendar, then please contact the clerk at clerk@dedhamparishcouncil.org.uk

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   CBC?s Parking Strategy for Dedham: Parish Council Meeting on Monday, 10th February Documents    February 27, 2014

The Parish Council will receive a full report and recommendations for CBC's Parking Strategy for Dedham, at the meeting on Monday 10th March, at 7.30. The documents can be found on the website under Parish Council, Document Archive, Parking Proposals from CBC, Final documents for 10.03.14. There you will find the final Parking Strategy for Dedham, from CBC, DPC's report, and a report from DPC on Royal Square.

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   CBC?s Parking Strategy for Dedham:Parish Council Meeting on Monday, 10th March    February 24, 2014

Dedham Parish Council will have a substantive item on the agenga for the meetng on Monday 10th March, at the Duchy Barn, 7.30pm with a full report and recommendations on the car parking strategy  .

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   CBC?s Parking Strategy for Dedham: update    February 14, 2014

Dedham parish Council have received another drat copy of the Parking Stretegy from CBC, which you can find under Parish Council, Document Archive, Parking Proposals from CBC, Feb 2012 A arking Strategy for Dedham- final version.

Although this document is titled 'final version' DPC will be meteing with CBC to discuss further possible changes, so this may not be the final strategy document.

DPC's final presentation will be given at the March meting on 10th March.

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   CBC?s Parking Strategy for Dedham: Parish Council Meeting on Monday, 10th February    February 4, 2014

Dedham Parish Council's substantive item on the car parking proposals has been postponed from February's meeting, to the March meeting. Please see full article for detail, and the document available under Parish Council, Document Archive, Parking Proposals from CBC, FEB 14 Parking Strategic Intents.

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   Feb 2014 - Dedham Parish Councils Parking Strategic Intents document    February 4, 2014
As a response to the CBC public meeting on parking, July 22nd 2013, Dedham Parish Council has carried out car park surveys and engaged in discussion with Dedham residents and Businesses. As a result six Strategic Intents have been developed and have been presented to Colchester Borough Council. This document can be found under Parish Council, Document Archive, Parking Proposals from CBC, FEB 14 Parking Strategic Intents.
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   Further updte on CBC parking proposals    January 4, 2014

A further update on Colchester Borough Councils parking proposal is now available, which gives the responses from CBC to questions raised by DPC.  Please select the 'parish council' tab, 'Document Archive', 'Parking proposals from CBC'. The new document available is called DPC response to letter 151113- CBC response. 

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   Update on CBC car park proposals    November 11, 2013

Further update and documents available on the car park proposals from CBC

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   ECC bus review    November 1, 2013


Essex County Council has announced a 12-week review of its subsidised bus services – which includes those above. They are consulting across the county to seek people’s views by way of a Questionnaire which is available for completion on-line at www.essex.gov.uk/busreview or via 0845 6037631 (office hours). The particular emphasis of the review is on two discrete areas which are (1) out of hours services and (2) rural services. School bus services are also under review.  

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   High Speed Broadband update    August 23, 2013

Using the tabs at the top of tha page, please go to Parish Council, Document Archive, High Speed Broadband, for the latest update on high speed broadband, from Essex Councty Council


Don't forget to register your interest in Superfast Broadband at



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   Full parking strategy received from CBC    June 30, 2013

The full parking strategy has now been recived from CBC and can be viewed under Parish Council, Document Archve, Parking Proposals frm CBC, A Parking Strategy for Dedham Full Document



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   Colchester Borough Council intend to introduce car parking charges in Dedham    June 19, 2013

Dedham Parish Council has received proposals from Colchester Borough Council to introduce car parking charges in the two public car parks in Dedham that are owned by them, namely the Mill Lane and Duck Pond car parks. The proposed timescale for implementation is the summer of 2013.


Read on for more detail. A copy of the article for the parish magazine, and a copy of the the CBC document 'A parking strategy for Dedham' can be found on the menu, Parish Council/ Document Archive/ Parking proposals from CBC.



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   Superfast Broadband for Dedham    April 2, 2013

Do you want faster Broadband? - A major activity for the Parish Council is to support the improvement of Broadband coverage and speeds for Dedham.  

Please read on to find out how you can help!! 


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