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   Dedham Broadband    July 24, 2014

Superfast Broadband


Parish Council representatives have met with Connie Kerbst, who is the Senior Programme Manager for Superfast. We asked for the meeting because we felt that the information being published by Essex County Council and the communications with the Parish needed to be improved. The main information portal for the progress of the project is http://www.superfastessex.org/ through which residents can enter their postcode and check on when/if they are going to benefit from the plans. Connie has provided us with a map that gives indication of coverage detail for the village, you may see this on the "Dedham Parish Briefing on Superfast Essex Programme" document on the Parish website. A complex evaluation process was carried out to ensure that the funds available covered as many homes across Essex for the funds available.


In summary the village is broadly split into three areas:

  • Autumn 2014 will see an area broadly from Brook Street going out of the village centre via Castle Hill to Long Road, taking in Manningtree Road, half of East Lane and Coopers Lane
  • 2015 will see progress from Brook Street, through the village centre and up towards Lamb corner, taking in Stratford Road and Coles Oak Lane
  • The remaining area has no current plans for upgrading. It is understood that more funding is to be made available and further coverage is expected across Essex, after another evaluation exercise. If you live in an area with no current plans, it is essential that you visit the Superfast Essex site and complete the "Make the Connection" survey. If we all do it then that will help in the next evaluation round - no guarantees though as there maybe technical reasons preventing the rollout.

Please be clear that the coverage map is drawn to Postcodes and some may get coverage outside of this map. Please do check your own postcode but I must also give a strong word of caution that these are plans and not certainties, detailed planning has yet to be done and we will keep you informed at key stages in the rollout.

Thank you,


Kevin Taylor 

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