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   Planning Application Bargate Lane Dedham    November 7, 2014



Dear Resident,                                                                                       7 November 2014


I would like to draw your attention to a planning application that has been made for land at Spring Meadow (which is behind Spring Cottage) in Bargate Lane, Dedham. The application is No.146160 can currently be found on the CBC planning website.


An original application for planning permission on this land was submitted in February 2014 for the erection of stabling and hard standing for horses.   CBC agreed the application on 10.07.2014. An amended application 146160 dated 23.10.2014 has been made for the site to be used for the stationing of two mobile homes and provision of a dayroom and three touring caravans. Two mobile homes have been installed on the site, and mobile caravans have been observed.   Large double gates have also been erected at the site entrance. obscuring the view of the site. Both the Parish Council and our Ward Councillor took immediate steps to see whether this perceived breach in planning procedure could be dealt with by enforcement. The Dedham Parish Council has made firm representations to CBC as can be seen below.

The closing date for consultation on this application is 21st November, before our next Council meeting. The application has been called-in by Ward Cllr. Mark Cable and the Chair of our Planning Advisory Group, Cllr. Tony Regan is asking for a deferral of this deadline.

The Parish Council believes it is important that as many residents as possible and particularly those living in close proximity to the site should be aware of this information. Any resident may make their own comments directly on-line to CBC, by email to planning services @colchester.gov.uk referencing application 146160, or by letter. The Parish Council and our Ward Councillor would be interested to hear the views of Dedham residents on this application. And should be communicated to clerk@dedhamparishcouncil.org.uk and  Cllr.markcable@gmail.com


Brian Hindley

Acting Clerk

Dedham Parish Council

Clerk to Dedham Parish Council.

01206 395579

Dedham Parish Council

01206 395579



Colchester Borough Council

Planning Department

Rowan House

33 Sheepen Road

Colchester CO3 3WG

                                                            4 November 2014

Dear Sir


Planning Applications142121 & 146160 Bargate Lane Dedham


Dedham Parish Council debated at some length about these applications at our meeting on the 3 11 2014. We are obviously very concerned at the implications of 146160 for the future of this site and the affect it will have upon neighbours and the village as a whole. The site is totally unsuitable for this application to succeed and the present occupation of the site for purposes not approved in the original planning application would appear to be a serious breach of the planning regulations.


We therefore urge CBC Planning to use all appropriate legal measures to ensure that enforcement action to prevent continued breach of planning approval takes place as a matter of urgency and that any legitimisation of this unlawful occupation is avoided by clear and forthright rejection of this revised application for alternative use of the site.


Yours faithfully


Brian Hindley

Acting Parish Clerk

21 Lawford Place

Manningtree CO11 2PT


Copy: Councillor Mark Cable Dedham and Langham Ward


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