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   Royal Square Parking review    November 25, 2014




Coinciding with the introduction of parking fees in our car parks the Parish Council considered the likely impact on Royal Square parking and adopted a strategy with the aim of keeping the Square available for short term parking. This would benefit residents and visitors by providing drop in parking for the local shops and thus also benefit businesses through increased footfall.


An interim review of parking on the Square has sadly identified that we have a number of very regular and consistent over-stayers these are both residents and business staff. The Parish Council is now considering the most appropriate way of dealing with this situation.


The strategy adopted by the Parish Council was:

•   Re-enforce the policy of short term parking through renewed signage, this was done and implemented as detailed below

•   Two hours free parking between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday, no return within 4 hours. 

•   We agreed to trial this for a year, looking for businesses and residents to comply voluntarily

•   We did not want to introduce parking ticket machines

•   Business employee free parking permits for the car parks were negotiated with Colchester Borough Council

•   Residents with doors opening directly onto Royal Square were offered parking permits at a price of £50/car/year

•   A full review would take place after a year with the option of payment parking or other controls being introduced if the voluntary parking policy was abused


To be absolutely clear, no one should be parking on Royal Square outside the conditions detailed above with the exception of residents opening onto Royal Square who have purchased a Dedham Parish Council permit. The Colchester Borough Council residents’ permits are not valid on the Square.


We sincerely hope that the relatively small number of over-stayers will recognise the possible impact their actions will have on the rest of Dedham residents and that no further measures will be required.



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