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   Proposed diversion of footpaths 18 & 29    November 26, 2014

Concerning the diversion Order at Dedham (Highways Act 1980- Section 119)

The proposal to divert Footpath 18 has been dropped.

However, the landowner has suggested another proposal for Footpath 29 as shown on the attached Plan (Dedham 29B)

Footpath 29 will remain for the section D-E.

For the most part, the rest of the Proposal will remain the same.


Essex County Council supports this new proposal because:

  • It conforms to the criteria for a Footpath diversion
  • Of the offer of the landowner to dedicate 4 new footpaths in perpetuity for public use. (see attached Plan Dedham Creation 2)


If you wish to discuss further please contact me on the number below.

Best Regards,



Laurence Page

Definitive Map 

Public Rights of Way

01245 342886


The planned route for footpath 29 (29B) s available either as a hard copy or email from the Clerkj


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