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   Royal Square Parking Strategy    December 11, 2014

Dedham Parish Council

Royal Square Parking Strategy


With the introduction of parking charges by Colchester Borough Council (CBC) within our village car parks, the Parish Council has considered the likely impact on Royal Square and taken the opportunity to clarify its future strategy.

•      We do not want to introduce ticketed parking in Royal Square

•      Royal Square should be available for short visits to the village centre. This is current policy but people do not always use it in this way

•      There will be new signs to indicate short term parking restrictions

•      Royal Square will be subject to the same parking restrictions as the High Street – limited to 2 hours, 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday

•      Royal Square should not be used as a free business employee car park. Annual CBC permits for business use have been negotiated for the car parks, with the first two being free for each business.

•      The Parish council recognises that there are four properties with frontage to Royal Square – Churchgate House, Duchy House, Duchy Cottage & Old Grammar School

•      A parking permit, to be displayed in vehicles, will be available for each of  these properties for one year at a cost of £50

•      Other qualifying residences on the High Street have access to the existing CBC parking scheme for the High Street.

•      Parking in Royal Square will be monitored for a year. If during this time it is found that business employees, visitors or residents abuse the principle of short term parking, then Royal Square will be made subject to the ticketing and patrol scheme which applies to the other car parks

•      After the initial year the Parish Council will also consider extending the residences that have access to Royal Square permits


The aim of this strategy is to ensure that Royal Square does not become full with cars whose drivers are trying to avoid paying parking charges, whilst still providing free parking for residents to “drop in”.

We need recognise that funding for our village is being reduced significantly by CBC and the opportunity to raise some funds from our Royal Square community

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