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   Diversion order for footpaths 29, 30 and 32.    January 15, 2015

Essex County Council has just published the following Public Path Diversion order for Footpaths 29, 30 and 32 at Dedham.

Click the link below to see a copy of the Order.

 Footpaths 29,30 and 32 Diversion Order.

Any comments please by 12.02.2015  to:-

Laurence Page

Definitive Map Officer


Public Rights of Way - Highways Management

Environment, Sustainability and Highways

Essex County Council | telephone: 01245 342886 | | email: Laurence.page@essexhighways.org

 Dedham Parish Council could not debate the latest footpath diversion changes, as our Parish Council Meeting did not have the opportunity to take it to the full Council meeting. However we do support the proposals and have confirmed this to Laurence Page,


Brian Hindley Assistant Clerk 16.02.2015.


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