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   Affordable Homes    June 30, 2016

Update: The one bedroom bungalows are no longer restricted based on age or disability. They are now considered to be 'General Use Bungalows' and have been re-advertised in September.



Affordable homes

Work on the Hallfields site (to be known as ‘Saunders Field’ when completed) is progressing fast.

If you have added your name to Colchester Borough Homes’ Housing Register then you should be ready to act very soon. If you believe you have a ‘Local Connection’ (see below) make sure your application shows that and you have provided the evidence to support your claim. If you have any queries about your application please call the Housing Options on 01206 282569 or e-mail them at housing.evidence@colchester.gov.uk’.

There are 4 x one bed, 4 x two bed and 1 x three bed properties available to rent through the housing association CHP.

None of the properties have been pre-allocated and are available to people with a Dedham connection regardless of their circumstances.

You, or a member of your family, needs to have a local connection that meets one or more of the following criteria:

·      currently live in Dedham and have done so for at least 6 of the last 12 months.

·      permanently employed in and have worked in Dedham for at least 6 of the last 12 months.

·      have lived in Dedham for not less than 3 years during the previous 5 year period

·      have parents, adult children or brothers and sisters who have lived in Dedham for at least 5 years at the date of the application and it is reasonable for you to live in close proximity to offer support which such a family member requires

·      have an offer of permanent employment in Dedham for which personal attendance within Dedham is the main or a primary requirement of employment.


The 4 x one bed units are for general use, and open to anyone. The remaining 5 units are available to families of any age.


If enough Dedham people do not put their names forward for these properties then they will be offered to people on the housing list in nearby Colchester Borough parishes.


The adverts for the properties will be placed on the following website www.gatewaytohomechoice.org.uk  on 21 July and the advert will remain ‘live’ until 27 July. This will be your only opportunity to ‘bid’ for these properties so if you will be away you will need to make advance arrangements to access the website.


If you think you may have difficulties in using the system you can ask for help in Colchester Library in Trinity Square or the local housing office in Greenstead. Or you can phone the Parish Clerk, Emma Cansdale, on 01255 871483 or the Assistant Clerk, Brian Hindley, on 01206 395579.

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